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What Is a Retirement Community and Why Might Your Senior Want to Live in One?

Senior Supportive Living Belleville, IL: Retirement Community
Senior Supportive Living Belleville, IL: Retirement Community

If your aging family member is open to the idea of leaving her home, choosing a retirement community might be a good fit for her. Understanding what this type of living situation offers to her can help your senior to make the right choice.

Your Senior Can Personalize Her Home

Senior Supportive Living Belleville, IL: Retirement Community
Senior Supportive Living Belleville, IL: Retirement Community

When your elderly family member moves into a retirement community, she might find that she has much more ability to personalize her home than she might have thought. Lots of seniors worry that they’ll have to get rid of all of their belongings, but that is not necessarily the case. Your senior’s home can still feel like her home.

She Has Help Where She Needs it Most

If your elderly family member only needs a little bit of help occasionally, that’s perfectly fine. As her needs change and she needs more help, senior supportive living offers that assistance to your senior. In that way, this type of living situation adapts with your senior so that she doesn’t have to worry about more changes to her lifestyle down the line.

Regular, Healthy Meals Are Prioritized

Cooking and eating healthy meals is one of the biggest challenges for many seniors. Supportive living offers your senior a chance to eat healthy meals on a routine basis with other people or in her own living space. That’s a huge relief when you want to keep your senior from becoming malnourished.

Your Senior Can Socialize as Much or as Little as She Likes

Everybody has different socialization needs, including your senior. On days that she wants to be around more people, living in a retirement community offers her the chance to meet lots of new people. When she wants to keep her interactions a little bit smaller, that’s possible, too. That flexibility is something that is more difficult to experience when she’s living on her own in a different living situation.

There Are Lots of Activities to Choose From

Staying active, both physically and mentally, is a big part of keeping your senior as healthy as possible. With senior supportive living, there are always new and fun activities in the works. Your elderly family member can pick and choose from the different activities and find new things that she loves doing. 

You’ll Know She’s Safe

Probably the most important aspect of your senior being in a retirement community is that you know she’s in a safe living situation. That can be crucial if she’s experiencing cognitive changes or simply having more trouble on a daily basis in her own home. Safety can be the most difficult aspect of life for you to gauge as a long-distance caregiver, but having help makes that easier.

Looking for the positives can help your senior to embrace the idea of moving to a retirement community, even if that wasn’t her first choice initially. There are a lot of reasons that this kind of supportive living option can be a way to maintain independence and have the quality of life that your senior wants to maintain.

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