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Home-Cooked Cuisine at Knollwood

Miss Ollie, our head Cook, is always giving us the comfort of home-cooked cuisine at Knollwood. Knollwood’s dining experience cooks up a great time for seniors to socialize and helps them stay connected with friends and family.

Mealtime has always been a time of coming together and getting to know one another, especially during the Holiday Season. At Knollwood, we want to see our residents thrive, so we encourage them to visit the dining room for meals. Not only is this great for their soul, where they have the opportunity to visit and engage, but It is also the perfect time for our staff to keep an eye on your loved ones, making sure they are eating, happy, and engaging with friends and being a part of this great community.

At Knollwood, we become an extension of family bringing back memories of all those Holidays and celebrations over the years. What an amazing time to connect, all while enjoying a meal together at the dinner table. Miss Ollie serves up delicious meals all year round and invites you to schedule a time to tour and taste what she’s got cookin’!
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Knollwood Retirement Community

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