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Knollwood Recap

Knollwood Recap

Warmer weather is finally here!

Knollwood Recap Gardening

Residents are preparing to plant vegetables in the garden. Residents took seeds for carrots, tomatoes, onions, parsley, and a few other veggies and planted them in cardboard containers to allow them to germinate! Once they sprout and the roots get bigger, they’ll be transplanted outside.


Making Music

Making Music

If there’s one thing that can bring people together regardless of preferences, it is music. Mr. Hudis (right) and Mr. Lester (left) who had just met a day or two before this photo, came together to play some church hymns after eating lunch.


Happy Hour

After a long week, what’s a better way to relax and have fun with Happy Hour?! We have happy hour every Friday at 2pm, and serve beer, wine, and finger foods. Residents look forward to this every week!


Culinary Creations

Knollwood Recap

What’s the best part about having a full kitchen in the Activity Room you may ask? Well, it’s the free smells when residents cook! Earlier this week resident Carolyn cooked up a vegetable hash with ingredients she bought from one of our many shopping trips!

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