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Knollwood Recap

Check out what's been going on at Knollwood!
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2024 has had a month to fully settle in, and are we looking forward to a lot this year! It is National American Heart Month for the month of February, and instead of wearing red for only one day, we decided to participate for the whole month of February! Each day residents and staff wear red, and their names will be added to a drawing for a chance to win a gift basket!

Starting off the week, the pool table has been hot! Resident Roy (right) and his brother Ray (left) have been practicing almost every day. Watching them challenge each other and seeing their skills grow is a great pleasure. If either one of them challenges you to a round of pool, you better watch out!



Our BINGO crew never misses a day! We play every Tuesday and Thursday. On Mondays, residents attend BINGO being helped by Caseyville Township. Residents have a large variety of prizes to pick from if they win. Not to worry, when resident Ray is keeping an eye on the calls, there will never be a missed number!

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Resident of the Month

We are pleased to award Resident of the Month to Mr. Manuel! He has been a resident at Knollwood for nearly 2 years. He likes to call himself cool and laid back, and is certain to give you some kind of compliment and a smile!

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To conclude this Knollwood Recap, here is a look at our Activity Calendar for the month of February!

To view the calendar in a printable PDF click HERE

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