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Eight Signs a Senior Should Consider a Senior Living Community

Families often struggle with recognizing when it’s time for seniors to consider a senior living community, even when health issues become more common.
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Health needs change over time, sometimes incredibly rapidly, and seniors who are experiencing declining health may need to consider a senior supportive living community sooner than they expected. It helps family caregivers to be able to recognize the signs that it’s time to make a change.

Mobility Challenges

Mobility changes, trouble with balance, and difficulty with daily tasks all create some big issues for aging adults. Making changes to the house itself can help with these challenges, but some of those modifications may not be feasible. Moving into a retirement community offers a safe and accessible environment without having to wait or struggle with repairs.

Memory Loss

Increased forgetfulness, memory loss, or confirmation of cognitive illnesses like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are other reasons to consider moving. These issues are often progressive and require lots of assistance for seniors to feel safe. Senior supportive living offers the memory care tools that seniors need to deal with these issues.

Trouble Managing Medication

Medication is all about helping seniors have a better quality of life and manage their health issues effectively. But when they’re not taking medication consistently or correctly, that greatly hinders their ability to help with health issues. Supportive living centers offer the help seniors need to properly manage medications.

Reduced Social Interactions

When seniors are spending a lot more time alone, that isn’t a healthy situation. There can be a variety of different reasons for seniors to withdraw from social interactions, including being self-conscious about how their health is changing. Senior supportive living communities offer built-in opportunities for all sorts of social encounters that seniors can manage in their comfort.

Trouble with Personal Hygiene

Seniors who have trouble showering or handling other daily grooming tasks may find that senior supportive living communities are the perfect answer. They’re able to get as much help with these tasks as they need, only when they need it. This helps seniors to maintain their dignity and quality of life.

Driving Challenges

Trouble driving can fall under mobility challenges, but it also comes with its own set of emotional baggage. One of the biggest fears that seniors can have when they need to quit driving is that they will be stuck at home, unable to do the things they used to do. Senior living communities offer different options to make transportation easier, helping seniors get where they need and want to go.

Frequent Accidents or Falls

If seniors are experiencing more injuries, accidents, or even falls, they must have more help. Senior supportive living is all about helping aging adults to be as safe as possible. The living quarters are designed to help seniors have the safety features they need as well as trained staff to offer hands-on help at a moment’s notice.

Limited Access to Healthcare Services

When older adults are facing even a fraction of the above challenges, they may find it more difficult than ever to get access to the healthcare services they need. Senior living communities can reduce some of that friction with on-site healthcare support. That helps them to have the medical guidance they need, when they need it most.

If aging adults are experiencing any of these issues, it’s worth talking with them about whether it’s time for a senior living community. The benefits are many and seniors could find that the move is well worth doing.

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