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What Three Things Should You Do on a Tour of Assisted Living?

Make sure your senior gets an opportunity to view the assisted living facility and listen about the various activities and benefits of living there.
Assisted Living in Edwardsville IL

Before you head out to take a tour of an assisted living community, there are a few things you should put in the front of your mind. Going on a tour is great. It is one of the best ways to see, firsthand, what type of facility this place is.

However, there are often many missed opportunities among elderly men and women and their families to learn more about it. You may be convinced assisted living is perfect for your aging father or other loved one, but if you don’t bring them along on a tour, what’s the point?

That’s the first thing, but it doesn’t count as part of our list of three things you should do on a tour of assisted living. Make sure the senior gets an opportunity to view the facility, and listen about the various activities and benefits of living there, but also consider the following things so you and that senior get the best information to make a good decision.

1. Pay Attention to the Residents

You will see elderly men and women, some of whom will be in their pajamas and others lounging around, so pay attention to them. How do they appear? Does it look as though they are happy or content? Do they wave? Do they want to interact?

Not everyone is going to be outgoing. Some people get annoyed by strangers coming into their living area and their space, but others will be enthusiastic to share the benefits this community offers.

If you can speak to somebody who lives there, do so. Ask questions about their impressions, how excited or resistant were they at first, and listen to their responses.

2. Ask Questions of the Administrators

The people who put on a tour will have a great deal of information to share. However, they won’t and can’t possibly share everything everyone wants to know about.

When it comes time to ask questions, make sure you have some ready to go. Make a list of all the things you and the senior would like to know about this community before embarking on this tour. Check off the ones that are answered naturally as you go around the facility, but then ask some of the more pressing ones during this question-and-answer period.

If you are not allowed to ask questions, stick around a little longer. Wait for most of the other tour attendees to leave, approach one of the administrators, and let them know you still have questions.

3. Notice the Dining Options

Your loved one doesn’t want to sit in what may feel like a high school cafeteria. Find out what kind of restaurant-style facility they offer, the foods they prepare, or the input that residents have on the menu.

Meals are important, not just for nutrition, but for ambiance, the opportunity for seniors to eat together, have conversations, and feel as though they still matter because they most certainly do.

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