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Three Ways to Show an Aging Parent the Benefits of Assisted Living and Elder Care

Assisted living is the best elder care choice out there, but too many people of advancing years have the wrong idea about it.
Assisted Living facility in Collinsville IL
Assisted Living facility in Collinsville IL

It’s not always easy to tell somebody about the benefits assisted living or other elder care options provide. Assisted living is the best elder care choice out there, but too many people of advancing years have the wrong idea about it. They confuse it with other types of elder care, thus dismissing it before they even get a chance to really understand what it offers.

If you have an aging parent whom you know would benefit from assisted living, but they just don’t want to listen or can’t see the benefits, there might be ways to show them directly.

Take a Tour

There doesn’t have to be a single catch associated with taking a tour of a local assisted living facility. There doesn’t have to be a trap or an alternative motive. Simply tell them you want to take them on a tour, but whether or not they decide on assisted living in the future is still entirely up to them.

They may say something to the effect of, “Then why do I have to take a tour?” You can respond by simply saying, “Wouldn’t you want to know all options available for the future? What better way to know what assisted living can offer then seeing it for yourself?”

Many seniors who go on in-person tours of local assisted living communities realize they had the wrong idea about it. Many of these seem seniors who were once resistant to the idea of assisted living become more open to it because of that tour.

Talk to Others Who Have Experienced It

Some seniors who spent time at assisted living did so because they were recovering from a serious health issue, injury, or other factor. They may return home or move to some other community. However, they may have loved it so much that moving away was a bit of a regret.

Whatever the case may be now, there are family, friends, and seniors who enjoyed assisted living that you can talk to. Some may be in your own family or network of friends.

Talk to those who have been there or witnessed loved ones enjoying the fruits of what assisted living can offer. This can provide valuable insight into what it’s like at one of these communities.

Take Advantage of Respite Care Options

Not all assisted living communities will offer short-term stay options, but for those that do, take advantage of them. Convince the elderly person in your life to try it for a few days a week or for a week or two, that’s it.

Most seniors will agree to that. Then, when they are immersed in the activities, the sense of community, the safety, and the security of what assisted living can offer, even the wonderful dining options, they realize this could very well be a great option for their future.

These are just a few ways you can show an elderly senior in your life the benefits that assisted living truly do offer.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering a move to an Assisted Living facility in Collinsville, IL, or surrounding areas, please contact the caring staff at Knollwood Retirement Community today at (618) 226-5755
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