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What Can Your Senior Do to Make a Supportive Living Facility Feel More Like Home?

Senior Supportive Living Edwardsville, IL: Feeling Like Home

Supportive living centers might be the perfect solution for your senior, but one of her biggest fears might be that she won’t feel at home. There are lots of ways to feel at home, and trying just a few of them can help your senior to make lots of progress.

Get to Know Her New Neighbors

Senior Supportive Living Edwardsville, IL: Feeling Like Home

It’s never easy to meet a lot of new people all at once. One way that your senior might be able to make that easier on herself could be to reach out to her immediate neighbors and say hi. Just breaking the ice with the people closest to her can help her to feel more comfortable reaching out to other people.

Eat in the Dining Room

Another way to meet more people and to get out there more is for your senior to eat in the community dining area. That can be really tough to do, but the first step is usually the one that is the most difficult. By eating in the community dining room, your senior has a chance to branch out and meet a bigger variety of people.

Join in with Events

Likewise, joining in with events around the community can help your senior to meet a bigger variety of people. And the people that she meets during these events are likely to have interests in common with her, which also helps. As she meets more people she gets along with, her senior supportive living center is more likely to feel like home.

Bring Favorite Art or Items

What your senior sees around her home or is able to use makes a big difference, too. Supportive living facilities allow your elderly family member to bring many of her favorite items with her, like that favorite knitted blanket or art that she adores. Making sure that those items are visible and all around her can help her to feel so much more at home.

Recreate the Smells of Home

Too much scent can aggravate health issues, of course, but there are smaller ways to bring the smells of home into your senior’s space in a senior supportive living center. Her favorite flowers or an essential oil blend that is made up of her favorite smells can be a perfect way to go. The key is to recreate the smells of home without that becoming overwhelming for your senior or for anyone else.

Supportive living centers can offer your elderly family member the best of everything, especially if she’s willing to reach out and make some new friends along the way.

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